Leanne Goose – In 2014 CBC named one of Canada's Top 100 emerging artists. She is a Country Blues singer & song writer from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. Her velvet voice ranges from a soft whisper to soul shout broad much like the northwinds of her Arctic home. With Guitar in hand, Leanne is quick to flash her cheeky smile and tells a story from her home way up in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, the heart of the MacKenzie Delta, above the Arctic Circle, this is Inuvialuit (In-oo-vee-al-oo-it), & Dene artist, Leanne Goose.

Leanne Goose is a songstress from the north who pours her passion into her music that resonates from the heart of the MacKenzie Delta. She was born and raised in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, a place she still calls home. Country Blues music is at the core of her creative genes, but creating music wasn't just something she was taught, it was something she was born with. She is on the cusp of releasing her 4th album in 2015 which is a fusion of country, rock and funk with her ever-present Delta flare.

Leanne carries her stories of living and loving life above the Arctic Circle that she weaves into powerful melodies with brazen lyrics. They've carried her across the country and into the US where she shares her music through the intimacy of acoustic styling or energetic full band performances.

Leanne is an eclectic entertainer whose range of music genres is not limited to Country Blues Roots music. There's no doubt she is comfortable in any scenario. Leanne has rocked the big stage and achieved recognition throughout the music industry for her versatility and big, soulful vocals. Although Leanne has proven ardor for reaching her artistic dreams she is a dedicated member of her community giving back through free music workshops in isolated communities, current President and Producer of the End of the Road Music Festival, Producer of Fire in the Sky showcase annually in Winnipeg, sits as a director for Music NWT and the WCMAs, and Event Producer/Promoter.

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