Dean Pollard has been around music and trumpets all his life. He dented his first trumpet when he was 2. Despite that, his Dad was happy to spend as much time as possible making music with Dean.

Growing up Dean never had a scheduled trumpet lesson. He was privileged to be in the same house as one of the finest trumpet players around so his practicing consisted of listening to his Dad play and then trying to emulate the sound. His lessons consisted mostly of his Dad coming into his practice room, giving him a quick 5 minute lesson and then leaving.

Dean has been active in the Winnipeg music scene since he was thirteen. He has had the opportunity to be a part of 5 Manitoba Honor Bands, National Youth Bands, Manitoba and National Jazz Bands, the Winnipeg Wind Ensemble, Winnipeg Brass Quintet, Mennonite Community Orchestra, MusikBarock and Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Dean enjoys playing and plays for many musicals, church services, weddings and concerts.

Additional Info

  • Instrument(s): TrumpetCornetTrumpet Piccolo
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: 204-489-7793
  • Member since: 2010
  • Type of group: SoloQuintet
  • Genre(s): ClassicalChamber
  • Music Professional Category: Musician