The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra (WJO) is Canada's first community-based, non-profit professional

jazz orchestra; its equal can be found in only a handful of North American cities. Dr. Richard Gillis

and Sasha Boychouk founded the WJO in 1997, inspired by a vision of forming a professional big

band with the best emerging and veteran musicians in Winnipeg.

Gillis and Boychouk were the right people at the right time, but the WJO also owes its roots to the

collective efforts of many passionate stakeholders including the musicians, board members,

volunteers and administrators who sensed a potential audience that was not being served. Their

familiarity with the Winnipeg music environment (the key players, the marketplace, and the

community's appetite for jazz) gave them confidence in the capabilities of local musicians and out of

that natural savvy and inherent enthusiasm, the WJO was born.

Commissioning new works and connecting with and inspiring students and young musicians is an

integral part of the WJO vision. Today, the orchestra roster boasts 16 to 25 Winnipeg-based

musicians whose combined resumes touch every corner of performance jazz locally, nationally, and

around the world. WJO's popularity has grown steadily over the course of the band's history, from

small, informal events at the West End Cultural Centre to a six-concert season and sold-out

performances at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Additional Info

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  • Phone: 204-421-9398
  • Member since: 1997
  • Type of group: Orchestra
  • Genre(s): Jazz
  • Music Professional Category: Live Music - band, ensemble