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MPM Member

Name Position Phone Mobile
Margaret Askeland Cello 204-489-1859
Tadeusz Biernacki Music Director, Conductor, Arranger, Composer, Publisher, Accompanist, Copyist, Music Editor, Transcriptions, Piano, Teacher 204-334-4441 204-791-5618
Karin Carlson Trombone, Piano, Vocals, Arranger 204-774-5757 204-997-3297
Margaret Carey Viola, Violin, Piano, Vocals, Teacher 204-952-8581
Jaime Carrasco Drumset, Timbales, Cajon, Conga, Bongos, Teacher 204-997-0436
Minna Rose Chung Cello, Professor of Music 204-474-8307
Owen Clark Drumset, Percussion, Conductor, Arranger, Composer, Teacher, Percussion Repair 204-275-0894 204-299-6030
Phil Corrin Keyboard, Teacher, Clinician, Transcribing, Conductor 204-334-2480 204-770-1496
Tony Cyre Percussion, Drumset 204-257-2227 204 793-7750
Cary Denby Piano, Organ, Accompanist 204-889-4950 204-223-8565
Dan Donahue Bass, Organ, Flute, Drumset 204-233-8482
Vincent Ellin Bassoon 204-774-3736 204-981-8697
Cor Godri Clarinet 204-889-5042
Karin Erhardt Cello, Piano, Accompanist, Ensemble Coach 204-775-8703
Ken Gold Saxophone, Guitar, Educator 204-582-9489
Leanne Goose Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter, Producer 587-986-6215
Ron Halldorson Guitar, Steel Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, Dobro 204-339-8747 204-298-0070
Eric Gosselin Bass Guitar, Guitar, Clarinet, Piano 204-417-6321
Marcia Hanson Drums, Vocals 204-955-0621
June Harris Piano, Vocals, Teacher 204-504-6113