To join Music Professionals of Manitoba, download the application for membership and return it to our office by mail or email. To have a member of our staff contact you to answer any questions you might have, please fill out the Membership Inquiry Form.

Membership Fees

Initiation Fee

Music processionals joining for the first time pay one–time Initiation Fee (Local $71.00 and Federation $65.00) in addition to Annual Dues. Students in an accredited school, college or university or those under the age of 21 are exempt from both Initiation Fees. Self-contained groups joining all at once are exempt from the Federation Fee.

Annual Dues

  • Regular Member - $200.00
  • Life Member - $138.00
  • Inactive Life Member - $88.00
  • Regular Annual Dues may be paid quarterly - $60.00

Work Dues

A very small amount equalling 2.5% (3% on electronic media) of MINIMUM scale wages ( as opposed to the gross contracted price of the service provided) is paid to the Local for the multitude of services and benefits provided to the member. All dues and fees are tax deductible.

Payment Types

We accept e-transfers, cheques, exact cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard. For your convenience, we can accept Visa and Mastercard numbers over the telephone.