President Finlay COVID-19 update – September 2021

Dear Members –

With a Canadian election in full swing, we have pretty much been in a holding pattern since my last email. Other than the three items below, I think that is about it for this time.

Benefit Programs

CRB (and CERB too)

As of this writing, the CRB program will continue until October 23/21 and, if you are eligible, you can apply for up to 27 periods (54 weeks) between September 27/20 and the new October end date. A reminder that if you applied before July 18/21 you can claim up to 21 periods at the higher 2-week period rate of $1000 (less 10% tax). If you applied for the first time after July 17/21, or have reached the maximum of 21 periods at the higher rate, the period payment reduces to $600 (less 10% tax). You can find out more about the program by visiting this page and following the links on it.

If you were someone who paid back some/all of your CERB after receiving a  letter in December 2020 regarding your failure to meet the $5000 earnings threshold because you used a gross rather than net figure, and the subsequent requirement that you pay back some or all of the benefits you received….well, there may be a return of that CERB repayment amount available to you. You may recall that the $5000 minimum self-employment earnings required for CERB eligibility being based on net self-employment income, rather than gross, was revisited when the CRA admitted that perhaps the eligibility wording had been less than clear. The CRA has a reimbursement application form (T180 CERB Reimbursement Application for Self-Employed Individuals) which you can use to apply. All applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis so the turnaround time could be as long as a few months. More information and the form can be found here.

Masks – Need a mask pattern to make your own? You can find some sew and no-sew mask options from the Government of

Please contact the Local 190 office if we can be of assistance!

I hope that you have had a chance, or even several chances, to resume performing for live audiences and are revelling in the joy of each opportunity!

Until next time,

Janice Finlay