Membership Benefits


Membership in the Music Professionals of Manitoba, Local 190 of the American Federation of Musicians (A.F.M.) of the United States and Canada, allows our members to benefit from the power of the most influential entertainment union in the world.

The Canadian face of the A.F.M. is the Canadian Federation of Musicians. The C.F.M. head office in Toronto is staffed by the Vice President from Canada, A.F.M., the C.F.M. Executive Director and a specialized support staff that deals with national issues affecting Canadian musicians and Locals. You can visit the C.F.M. website here.

International agreements negotiated by the AFM protect our members from the illegitimate use of their recordings and secure payment for re-use worldwide.

Members of Local 190 are also automatically members of the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) representing music professionals from 62 countries around the world, some 250,000 strong. FIM works to unite unions of various countries into one global organization to protect and elevate the economic, social and artistic status and interests of musicians both in their role as performers and as producers of the recordings of their own performances. This organization actively fights music piracy, the unauthorized use of recorded music to accompany live performances, and has an agreement in place to ensure musicians receive proper remuneration for the streaming of their musical products.

Contract Forms and Contract Protection

Members are provided with free contract forms which guarantee binding legal protection for all services rendered. The signed contract between the service provider and the client establishes a basic minimum fee as set by the Local (or the C.F.M. in the case of recording and nationally-negotiated agreements), secures proper working conditions and allows for payment by the employer into the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada.

Should any member with a signed, filed contract encounter difficulties concerning payment, the Local will represent the member in collecting any amounts owed at no cost to the member. Legal representation may be provided when circumstances are warranted. Also, an interest-free loan may be provided to the member that is equivalent to the scale of the service provided until the claim is settled.

Pension Plan

Membership provides access to a robust Multi-Employer Pension Plan through the Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada which offers Retirement Benefits, Disability Benefits and Survivorship Benefits to its members. Member work covered by Collective Bargaining Agreements, National or International Agreements and other duly-completed contracts is eligible for fund contributions, all of which come from the employer.

US Employment Visa

Through a reciprocal agreement with the A.F.M., Canadian Federation of Musician members are able to perform in the United States under a temporary Employment Visa. Applications for this visa and assistance with it are available at the Local 190 office and the administration of the visa application occurs at our Head Office in Toronto.


Membership provides access to inexpensive instrument, gear, and liability insurance. This can be purchased through HUB International. Members are automatically enrolled with American Income Life without additional charge, allowing their beneficiary to receive an Accidental Death benefit.

Member Profile and Contact Information on Website

If you would like a profile page and your contact information on our website, please fill out this form and send a picture to the MPM office.

Information and Networking

Membership in our Professional Association provides the ability to network and interact with other Music Pros enhancing employment opportunities. Our at Liberty bulletin board, database of helpful information including funding agencies, booking agents, legal and tax advice, local newsletter (Vivace), and monthly international journal (International Musician), all provide a foundation from which members can broaden their music business opportunities.

Freelance Services

We provide a wide variety of services for freelance musicians and groups including AFM Entertainment, GoProLessons, GoProHosting and GoProTunes.

Recording and Multimedia Protection

A number of local, national and international agreements with major employers offer access to all types of employment at industry standard wages and working conditions.

Health and Welfare Fund

Emergency interest-free loans may be provided for members in need.

Emergency Travel Assistance

Members are provided with toll-free numbers for problems arising while on work related travel:

  • Canada – 1(800) INFOFED 463-6333
  • United States – 1(800) ROADGIG 762-3444


The Local maintains audition information from all the major orchestras for its members.

Music Performance Fund

Financed by the recording industry as part of an agreement with the AFM, this The Music Performance Trust Fund pays or co-pays scale wages to musicians for performances which are free and open to the public in all musical genres. Please visit the website for more information and contact the Local office if you are interested.

Directory and Referral Service

Local 190 of the Canadian Federation of Musicians provides free to the public an extensive directory of available musicians, music educators, music service providers and a wide variety of musical groups for all occasions, as well as an active referral service from the highly inclusive roster of the Music Professionals of Manitoba.