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Welcome! On this page, you will find the most-current posts written by Local 190’s current president.

The COVID-19 Update emails contain a wealth of links related to financial support, gigs and gig funding, and resources for everything from mental and physical well-being to frugal meals and activities. Please contact us if you would like to suggest future Prelude topics or have information you would like to see included in upcoming COVID-19 updates.

President’s Message

President’s Message – February 2022

Dear Members,

I’ll keep this brief.

It looks like things are opening up in our province, which is great for summer bookings, but in the meantime many of us are still well below the level of our pre-pandemic work and income. So we highly recommend you investigate (or continue to take advantage of) the Canadian Worker Lockdown Benefit. Manitoba remains a qualified region as of this writing.

You can start here:

Hang in there…

Jeff Presslaff

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COVID-19 Updates

President Finlay COVID-19 Update – December 2021

Dear Members,

This will be the last COVID-19 update I will pen, since my term as President of our Local ends on December 31/21.

Based on the heartfelt and positive member feedback I have gratefully received since the launch of the “update emails”  in March 2020, it would seem that many of you appreciated these regular communications, and that truly makes all the work well worth it!

Federal Support Programs

I have some updates on Bill C-2, an Act to provide further support in Response to COVID-19, which has passed second reading. Last Thursday the Finance Committee had a chance to question Finance Minister Christia Freeland about the Bill and the Committee now has a deadline of midnight tomorrow to finish their review and send it back to the House of Commons for the third reading.

Since this sitting of Parliament ends on December 17/21, the pressure is really on to get this bill pushed through; should that fail none of the new support programs and existing program extensions that have been proposed would take effect.

When the House resumed sitting on November 22, the Speaker of the House outlined the Liberal government’s priorities for the upcoming session (as is normal procedure). I was particularly heartened to hear that the Liberals “…are also committed to our election promise to provide support for arts workers and technicians.” Minister Freeland stated (more…)

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Local 190 Prelude – December 2021

Dear Members,

This email marks my final Prelude, since I will complete my term as President at the end of this month. Please forgive me if I stray from the usual 3 bullet point format!

It has been an honour to hold this position, and I am so grateful to the many members who reached out to me during my term, particularly those who let me know what the regular COVID update emails meant to them. Further, knowing the quality of the two candidates running for the position, I am confident that the president you vote in on Saturday, December 11/21 will do a wonderful job.

Over my term, I have been awestruck by the high quality of people (more…)

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