Al Simmons

Al Simmons


He has been called “A one man cast of thousands”, “A lightning bolt of lunacy” and “The Thomas Edison of entertainers.”

Al Simmons is a creative genius whose charm and humanity have won over a legion of fans at theatres and festivals around the world. His highly original performances of profound wackiness and his off-the-wall inventions take the arts of Music and Comedy to unparalleled heights of hilarity.

Al’s family friendly humour never insults or embarrasses any member of his audience. His good natured performances are like a free flowing conversation with each and every person in attendance. All are encouraged to be silly for a while without fear of reprisal or embarrassment. He believes that children have a right to play plus he reaches out to the child in each adult. He teaches by example and during his 55 year career he has brought out the best in people around the world.

Young or old, you cannot fail to appreciate this man’s frenetic stage antics and mind-boggling lovableness.

He was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and now calls the tiny town of Anola, Manitoba home.

During his 55 year career he has delighted audiences from Hong Kong to Alaska and from Las Vegas to the Bahamas.

He has performed with 11 symphony orchestras, at International Children’s Festivals in 4 countries and at World’s Fairs on 3 continents.

Al has won a Juno Award (The Canadian equivalent of a Grammy),
He’s a Member of the Order of Manitoba.
The Rotary Club recognized him as an advocate of world peace and international understanding and named him a Paul Harris Fellow.
The Air Cadet League of Canada (Manitoba) appointed him Honorary Air Marshall, awarded for exceptional personal achievements to motivate and inspire the youth of Manitoba.
He’s the recipient of the Winnipeg Symphony’s Golden Baton for Artistic Achievement.
He was a gold medal winner at the 2005 World Championship Zucchini Race.
A restaurant in his hometown named a hotdog after him.

He has appeared on numerous TV shows and specials including Sesame Street, Tommy Hunter, and Fred Penner’s Place, and been featured on Disney, Discovery, Hong Kong Broadcasting Corporation, Nickelodeon, TOYO TV (Japan) and YTV. He wrote and stared in two national series: “All For Fun” for CTV and “Fabulous Festival” for CBC.

Al proudly states that he plays all musical instruments —with the emphasis on PLAY. He believes that music should be created by everyone. To be really good on an instrument takes years of practice but playing just for the fun of it is good for your soul. Al especially enjoys playing harmonica and banjo.

Music and laughter are universal languages and both are good medicine. All seems right with the world when families, neighbours and perfect strangers and singing and laughing together.


Musical Style: FUN

In addition to his vocals, guitar and electric bass playing, Al also plays banjo, harmonica and various home-made eccentric musical instruments






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