Brass instrumentalists

Jeff Presslaff Jeff Presslaff - JEFF PRESSLAFF is a pianist, trombonist, composer and arranger who made Winnipeg his home in 1997 and has since become… Continue reading Jeff Presslaff
trumpet Rick Boughton - A member since 1980, Rick plays trumpet, flugelhorn, and piano. More information coming here soon. Contact Continue reading Rick Boughton
Karin Carlson Karin Carlson - Karin Carlson is a Winnipeg-based freelance musician. She plays trombone in the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, the B-Side Champs, the Executive… Continue reading Karin Carlson
Francois Godere François Godère - François Godère is originally from Sherbrooke, Québec. A background in his church choir as a singer, an organist and a… Continue reading François Godère