Karen Barg

Luminous String Quartet, made up of two violins, viola and cello, is one of the most eclectic string quartets in Winnipeg. We offer a highly diverse repertoire spanning the classical music eras as well as custom arrangements of popular music for weddings, receptions, galas, home concerts, etc.

Over the years, LSQ has performed with Winnipeg Singers, Margaret’s Choir, Sarah Slean and multiple times with two-time Juno nominee Don Amero as well as having recorded with him for his Amero Little Christmas CD.

Artistic Director Karen Barg has also performed with WSO, TBSO, Sarah Brightman, Transiberian Orchestra, Michael Bolton, Disturbed, Don Amero, Honeymoon Suite, Chilliwack, Michael Bublé, Anne Murray, Winnipeg’s own Juno award winning Fred Penner, along with a number of well known local bands and artists.

LSQ released their first CD called I Did It For Love – A Canadian Classic Rock Compilation in March 2020, in which Karen Barg arranged all the music. Her purist approach allows her to create arrangements to sound as close to the original recordings of popular music as possible. CDs are available for order on the home page of LSQ website.

Other Information

Luminous String Quartet also accommodates Solo, Duo and Trio combinations

Performs all genres of music.






Phone: 204-292-7067