Local 190 Prelude – August 2021

Dear Members – Happy Long Weekend!

  • Find the pdf here for the Government of Manitoba’s most recent (03/21) COVID-19 Guidelines for Vocalists and Instrumentalists
  • Send in your profile info (and email the office a photo) for the MPM’s new website before August 31/21 and be entered to win your 2022 membership! Here’s how.
  • Member profile pages can be short ‘n sweet – if all you have time to submit right now are a link(s) to your social media accounts/website and your email address for your profile page’s contact form (your email is not shown on your profile), no problem! But we can not publish anything until you send something in!

Yours in solidarity,

Janice Finlay, B. Mus., B. Sc.

President, Local 190 A.F.M.