Local 190 Prelude – October 2020

Dear Members,

Have you considered…

  • Local 190 A.F.M. is a democracy; all active members in good standing are entitled to run for office and to vote for nominated candidates;
  • If you would like to participate in union decisions that affect you and your peers, please run for office! (even if you don’t think you are ready/know enough/have enough experience or _________(fill in blank);
  • Nominations must be in writing, include the nominee’s name and their written acceptance of the nomination, be signed by three Local 190 members in good standing and be delivered to the Association office either by noon on the Friday before, or prior to the opening of, the November General Meeting for nominations.

There are a few other requirements if someone is running for a position other than the Executive Board but I am out of bullet points!

Please email the office for a nomination form and any other pertinent details.

Thank you for being a valued member of Local 190!

President Finlay