President Finlay COVID-19 Update – April 2021

Dear Members – It would appear that most things are in a holding pattern so I have little news for you this time around.

A few reminders –

APRIL 21st/2021: 1 p.m. Local 190 General Meeting – via ZOOM. Members in good standing are encouraged to attend; please register no later than 4 p.m. April 20th by contacting the office.

APRIL 28th/2021 – Noon: Local 190 presents a Taking Care of Business webinar covering Benefits and Understanding your C.F.M. Equipment Insurance  (pdf attached to email sent out to you)


To date, the deadline for filing your 2020 taxes has not been extended and taxes owing are due at that time as well.

The CRA has a comprehensive page of Q & A About Filing Your Taxes that includes a significant amount of relevant information for individuals and businesses, including those that have received COVID-19 benefits in the past tax year (2020). In addition to answering basic questions like signing up for direct deposit, getting a 2020 tax package etc. there is plenty of other useful – and possibly –  MONEY SAVING information included. For example, the list of approved certified tax software for filing a return includes some free options, and you can also explore how to get free tax help if you are a modest income earner, or are a business owner or self-employed. It even tells you what to do if your past tax preparer’s business has closed due to the pandemic, or if a past employer went out of business in 2020 and has not yet issued you your tax slips. The site is user friendly and available 24/7.

P.S. – If you missed Local 190’s February Taking Care of Business webinar, Financial Management, Taxes and More…for Musicians, you are welcome to request the recording link by contacting Kelly.


Earlier today at the virtual Liberal Party National Convention, members voted in favour of three resolutions regarding the proposed Universal Basic Income program. You can find more information about the resolution wording and the vote outcome via this YouTube video made earlier today by Russell Matthews.


Since the advent of COVID we have been hearing that this situation has been pretty rough on many people’s mental health. According to a recent study, even before the pandemic, musicians struggle with their mental health at much higher rates than the general public, and some of the realities of the profession we are passionate about are major contributors.

Recently a Local 190 member forwarded the office a copy of a “white paper” called A Change Is Gonna Come: Two clinicians’ view on the music industry’s mental health crisis, the
impact of COVID-19 and how we can build a healthier future.

The paper was written by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Chayim Newman and  Zach Borer, a licensed psychotherapist practicing in L.A. Both practitioners have worked extensively in the music business, and are able to bring their diverse experiences to assist musicians and support staff in the area of mental health and wellbeing. They are also the co-creators and co-facilitators of Backline‘s weekly Come Together music industry online support groups.

Backline’s services are free for music industry professionals. SO if you need some support this is a potential offering that won’t cost you anything but your time.

The research for the paper was completed prior to the arrival of the pandemic, and was carried out through the Tour Health Research Initiative (THRIV) during February and March 2020 with the goal of
quantifying and understanding the mental health toll on workers in today’s music industry. 1100 touring professionals from around the world participated and, frankly, the results are not encouraging. Survey respondents were found to suffer from depression, anxiety, burnout and addiction at rates almost 5X greater than the general population (34% versus 7%) and suicidal ideation at 7X that of the general population (28% versus 4%).

Please bear in mind that the paper reflects results from the study data collected from touring industry professionals, as well as incorporating some of the views of the authors; the pdf of the study is attached to the email sent to you, should you wish to explore it further.


We continue to work offsite, with emails and phone calls being answered as usual! Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Hope to see you at the General Meeting!