Amir Bissen

Amir is a virtuoso violinist known for his captivating performances and profound musicality. His prodigious talent became evident early on, resulting in him winning numerous competitions and getting opportunities to perform in concerts.
At 12, he received a scholarship to study at the prestigious Purcell School of Music in the UK. While studying there, Amir received mentorship from world-class professors, allowing him to develop his unique style of playing.
One of the highlights of Amir’s career was when he had the opportunity to play on a Guarneri del Gesu violin, which is reputed to have been played by the legendary Paganini himself.
Amir holds a Bachelor’s degree from one of the leading institutions in the world, the Royal College of Music in London, UK. He has performed in recitals and concert performances at many top venues internationally.
In addition to performing, Amir teaches and mentors young musicians. His teaching efforts have inspired the next generation of talented musicians.