Kathryn Sigsworth

Kathryn Sigsworth

Kathryn Sigsworth is a native of Belleville, Illinois. Upon completion of her Master’s Degree in Violin at Southern Illinois University in 1969, she joined the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra as a member of the Second Violin section. She later won the position of Assistant Principal Second Violin in 1990, and served in that capacity until 2007. She retired from the WSO at the end of the 2010 season.

Along with working in the Symphony, Kathryn was also a member of the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra for over 35 seasons, the Rainbow Stage Orchestra, the Celia String Quartet, and Trio Con Brio.

She also served on the first Executive Committee of the Organization of Canadian Symphony Orchestras (OCSM), as Communications Officer from 1975-1980, and was instrumental in helping to lay the groundwork for the newly formed organization.

Kathryn has been a member of the Executive Board of the Music Professionals of Manitoba (MPM) for over thirty-five years, and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight to her role there. Currently, she is Vice President of the MPM Board.