Prelude – January 2020

Dues are due!

  • Save money on your annual membership dues by paying in full on or before January 15/2020; avoid being suspended by paying them not later than March 31st.
  • While every payment is gratefully appreciated, we particularly adore ones made via e-transfer, cheque or cash (paid in person at the office) because these methods eliminate credit card transaction fees, thus saving the Local money! (YAY!)
  • Did you know that 33%* of the annual membership dues you pay as a regular member flow quarterly through our Local’s office directly to the A.F.M.’s New York office? *Note that percentages vary for other types of memberships, but each is assessed a “per capita” dues rate by the A.F.M.

Janice Finlay, B. Mus. B.Sc.