Local 190 Prelude – September 2020

Dear Members –

What’s in it for me and why should I  “stay the course” during these difficult times? Because AFM membership means you enjoy:

  • Protection and Power.
The AFM/CFM constantly harnesses the power of our union’s 80,000 members to lobby on our behalf for better compensation, safer working conditions, uniform treatment standards and protection against exploitation.

Collecting CERB? You may want to thank Alan Willaert (AFM Vice President from Canada) and the heads of other allied Canadian arts unions for their incredible work on the artist-friendly structure of this benefit program.

  • (A) Plethora of Member Benefits.
    • staffed Local and Head offices available and ready to serve members;
    • a financially-sound Canadian members’ pension fund;
    • negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements;
    • tailored insurance offerings (including no-charge Accidental Death coverage);
    • legal representation under certain circumstances;
    • MPTF scholarships for dependents of AFM members;
    • contract and filing information for the Sound Recording Special Payments Fund;
    • emergency financial support and too many more to list here…
  • Professionalism and Pride.

AFM members – that’s us! – comprise a highly-trained, passionate, gritty fraternity that works at the highest levels to consistently deliver the best musical product in a huge variety of genres and settings.

 Feeling proud? I hope so!

 In solidarity, 

President Finlay